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from Pacific Mystery School Students

I love Tarot of the Spirit so much. Every sentence is packed with an incredible amount of insight and wisdom. As I am reading, I can almost taste your enthusiasm. I can only imagine how many years of this life and how many lifetimes are poured into this truly Great Work. I am so honored to be dining on this delicious daily bread. I am so very, very grateful. Much love, Catherine Tillman

"THANK YOU for this wonderful way to join in the love and the light of all that is!!!!!! Thank You Pamela for your true dedication and commitment. Your life’s work is so meaningful to me and to all the lives my heart touches, just think of what you have done here! You are Reaching out and healing humanity one of us at a time, which heals so many! How beautiful this journey continues to be… The love through the difficult stages and the glorious ones. In the most profound love and with an open heart. I am GRATEFUL!" Love, Nancy Lashinsky

"I just read the Cosmological Information for the Three of Fire homework, and my cellular structure is jumping for joy, saying "yes, yes, yes...  Questions about creation that I have had since I was a child are now becoming illumined for me. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Thank you so much. I am filled with emotional joy as I feel so lucky and fortunate to have found you and that you found me. I love you." Ameena

"The Initiation was incredibly powerful and beyond words. Thank you so much for all of the work you did to create such a marvelous opportunity for us. I look forward to the next phase!" Pat Brooke, Psychiatric Nurse, Washington

"I have journeyed with Pamela now almost 23 years- WOW! What a journey it has been. I have explored areas of my self-my soul, and taken on challenges and paths I could never have imagined when I started. Pamela is an amazing spirit, guide, and friend. I found "me", a trust in the unknown, and a commitment to continual growth along my path. Pamela is so knowledgeable and supportive. Her offerings are well worth the time and money. They are an invaluable investment in oneself."  Anita Argent, Actor, San Rafael, CA

“I have been a student of Pamela's since 1990.  I can honestly say that the knowledge I have obtained in my study of her book the "The Tarot of the Spirit" has had an enormous influence on my life.  It is an insight to a way of life and a major influence on how I SOLVED the anxieties and the problems that have arisen over the years.  I would recommend the Lightning Spiral to any one who is searching for answers to the complexities of the universe.”   Sincerely, Mary Louise Parker, Moss Beach, CA

 "My experience with the Lightning Spiral Course has been way beyond expectation.  I had not worked directly with the Qabalah before, although I have been on a long spiritual journey.  As Pamela so eloquently describes the Course, it is the process of entering the Tree of Life, immersing in the living Qabalah, and receiving the Universal Wisdom, this altering our perceptions forever.  I can attest to astounding awarenesses and am deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Course!"  Pat

"The Lightning Spiral, when applied consciously in life, can be a powerful tool for self-transformation or self-initiation.  By activating the primordial elements of consciousness, it leads a student inward to an encounter with the essence of human creativity, and our capacity to experience love."  Bianca Plank, Seattle, WA

“I have studied Qabalah, Tarot, and the Tree of Life, and have taken numerous additional classes with Dr. Pamela Eakins at different times over 14 years. This work with the Tarot of the Spirit and other resources has made a tremendous positive impact on my spiritual sense of Self. She is a gifted teacher with the ability to convey deep meanings in everyday language and in a joyful way.  I specifically highly recommend the Lightning Spiral class which I have been involved in for the last 6 months.” William T Mayo, Ph.D., EE Optical, Acoustical and EEG Instrumentation Research, Huntington Beach, CA

I am Divine Desire
I am Divine Birth                              

I am Divine Being
I am Divine Unknown 

I am Divine Fate                                

I am Divine Will
I am Divine Beauty
I am Divine Path                                    

I am Divine Portal
I am Divine Dance
I am Divine Evolution
(I am Divine Change)
Love, Jessa

About Tarot of the Spirit
"Whether you've been fascinated all your life by various Tarot decks, or you're just now falling under its awesome, life-changing spell, Pamela's own numinous, archetypal interpretations will surely become your favorite.  Deep, magical, and affirming, her writings on each card seem to come through her from a higher source, and her mother's illustrations are the most evocative and positive I have seen.  Not to be missed!  Sandy Miranda, San Francisco radio host/producer