The Position of the 10 Cosmological Powers related to Tarot of the Spirit



Pacific Mystery School.


The Cosmos unfolds in the pattern of the Tree of Life. This course, Visionary Cosmology, shows you how your consciousness and your daily life also unfold according to this pattern. When you understand the sequence, you can create the sequence. As you create the sequence, you create the world.

This sequence is the same pattern that underlies Tarot of the Spirit (by Pamela Eakins) and the teachings of the Terra Nova Seminary (also conducted by Pamela Eakins). (More information: TERRA NOVA SEMINARY)

There are 12 segments in the Visionary Cosmology course. These segments align with the 12 chapters in Visionary Cosmology: The New Paradigm. The segments, based in contemporary science and social theory, feature the Ten Cosmological Powers: Centration, Attraction, Creation, Stabilization, Cataclysm, Synergy, Transmutation, Symbolization, Absorption, and Radiance.

Upon completion of this course -- during which you will be discovering and activating the Ten Cosmological Powers within yourself -- you will become a Certified Visionary Cosmologist, one who envisions and realizes the future. 

As a Visionary Cosmologist, together with your knowledge of Tarot of the Spirit, you might choose to become part of the Terra Nova Alliance. You might choose to become a Planetary Teacher, or to open a Terra Nova Center. Becoming a certified Visionary Cosmologist is the first step. For more information about Terra Nova, the New Planet, please refer to Pamela Eakins' book Terra Nova: Field Guide for the Cosmological Revolution. 

How to Register for the Visionary Cosmology course:

1. Acquire the books Visionary Cosmology: The New Paradigm and Terra Nova: Field Guide for the Cosmological Revolution. 

2. Register here for the course Visionary Cosmology: VISIONARY COSMOLOGY REGISTRATION. Select the amount of your tuition from the sliding fee scale on the Registration Form ($75-$150 for each of the 12 segments in the Visionary Cosmology course. Please note: You will not be charged anything but the Registration Fee until you complete and submit your first course segment). However, please include the $50 Registration Fee with your registration. 

3. Pamela Eakins will contact you -- and you can get started on your course work.

4. You will begin your studies by completing the questions at the end of Chapter 0 in Visionary Cosmology: The New Paradigm. During the course, you will be emailing your answers to Pamela. Dr. Pamela Eakins will be your personal teacher and guide throughout the Visionary Cosmology course.

5. Work at your own pace. You will be charged for each class segment only when you submit your materials for that segment (there are 12 segments total). Many do the Visionary Cosmology course at the rate of one class per week, or one class every two weeks, or one class per month. It is possible -- with some effort -- to receive your Visionary Cosmologist Certification in as little as 12 weeks (maybe even less!). If, for any reason, the course is not a good fir you you, you are welcome to withdraw at any time.

May the Force be with you! May you BE THE CHANGE.