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​There is a sliding fee scale for the Lightning Spiral, ranging from $55 to $111 per month, depending on your circumstances. You decide the right amount for you. If you wish, you can also enhance these courses via a private one-hour montly session with Pamela Eakins at her hourly fee. Please enquire. 


​Fill in the Lightning Spiral Registration Form. You will be starting with the up-coming class, beginning with Level I. The 10 Powers of Evolution. Please include the dollar amount you will be paying for your tuition. See the sliding scale under TUITION



At the beginning of each month you will receive a packet of materials by email. The monthly lessons consist of four step-by-step teachings and meditations. Do one meditation every seven days. Each meditation focuses on a particular dimension of the psycho-active art of Tarot of the Spirit in conjunction with a particular dimension of the Kabalistic Tree of Life. Between meditations you will immerse in an affirmation that will empower your meditations. The meditations, referred to as "cosmological thought experiments," take you into the heart of the Cosmos and open up the interior of your own cosmological soul. You learn you are more than you believed. Your True and Original Self is brought to the surface of your consciousness. You begin to realize that you, yourself, are the Living Cosmos, and that you contain all the powers of the Living Cosmos. Like a true Magician, all  your Powers come alive. 


​As much as you wish, you will be in personal communication via email throughout with your mentor, Pamela Eakins.  If you wish, you may choose to work with Pamela in a monthly one hour personal zoom session. Please note that you would like this option on your registration form, and Pamela will be in touch with you.

Q.  How much time does the class take?  A.  Allow an hour a week for study and meditation, preferably at the same time each week.  Sunday is suggested.  Throughout the week, practice the affirmations and write in your journal.

Q.  What happens if I get busy and get behind?  A.  Feel free to move at your own pace.  If you find yourself moving slowly with the materials, just keep collecting them, and keep doing the work.  Communicate with your teacher at your own pace - even if a four month class takes you a year to finish.  The important thing is to pace yourself and to keep on with your spiritual work.

Q.  If I don't resonate with the lessons, can I drop out?  A.  Of course!  Not every path works for everyone.  To discontinue, you need only send an email.  You will pay your tuition in monthly installments.  If you discontinue the class, your tuition payments will be discontinued immediately. 

The Lightning Spiral

II. Inner and Outer Powers.

Tarot Family. Guides & Guardians

In Level II of Pacific Mystery School, we enter into the enlivening living mystery of the Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. We encounter the extraordinary beings of the astral plane who help us to find our way and prosper. This four month course reveals the hidden secrets of our Inner and Outer Powers. You will discover your Soul Guides - Astral Spirits who are ready to serve, help, inspire, and protect you every minute of every day. These are the Elemental Archetypal Beings who exist all around us in both the manifest and unmanifest worlds. They surge forth in our personalities, even as they inhabit the depths of our very soul. In the moments we most need their wisdom, they spring forth to gently support us along our way. They show us who we are and who we can become. They show us what to look for in ourselves as well as what to look for in others. They show us what to leave behind and they show us where love lies. In fact, whether we realize it or not, every day of every year, at least two of these Guides are present.

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Tarot of the Spirit, painted by Joyce Eakins

III. Cosmic Initiations. Major Arcana

​Level III of Pacific Mystery School takes us into the Greatest Initiations of all time. Here we experience Birth, Death and Resurrection along with the other great mysteries of Cosmic Existence. Join Pacific Mystery School - and experience the Spiritual Adventure of a Lifetime.​​

Pacific Mystery School.


I. 10 Powers of Evolution. The Minor Arcana

ONLINE COURSE. Begins the first week of January, April, July, and October.

Welcome to Pacific Mystery School, the state-of-the-art center for the Western Mystery Tradition.  In the Lightning Spiral Trilogy of courses, you will begin by entering  the 10 Dimensions of Sacred Power through the 40 mysteries of Mystic Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth.  These 10 dimensions constitute the core structure of the Cosmos.  As we enter this Cosmic Temple, a fabulous path of offering opens its portals.  We enter each of the 10 Powers, one by one, and inside each one we discover a dimensionless field of psychic upwelling and manifestation in which our consciousness begins to burgeon.  The 10 Sacred Intelligences are unveiled as the 10 Spiritual Experiences are revealed.  The Lightning Power of Creation is unsheathed before us.  We arrive in the midst of Extreme Creativity in the field of the passage between worlds, the secret Eleventh Sphere. Now we arrive at our Sphere of Power - which has been in and with us all along. If you are very adventurous, you can earn your Visionary Cosmologist Certification while doing this course. 

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The Lightning Spiral Trilogy. Levels I, II, III

​    I. 10 Powers of Evolution. The Minor Arcana

​    II. Inner and Outer Power. Tarot Family. Guides & Guardians

​    III. Cosmic Initiations. Major Arcana